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Ibiza is full of beautiful beaches, good restaurants, friendly bars and some of the best clubs in the world. It caters for drinkers, clubbers, hippies, couples, families and Grandmas and granddads. There is a resort for everyone on this island.
The North of the island is the quietest part it has beautiful countryside, sandy beaches, shallow calm water and plenty of restaurants serving excellent food.
The most popular resorts in the north are San Miguel and Portinatx, although driving round the narrow bends up towards Portinatx, with a sheer drop on the driverís side, is a little nerve racking, it is oh so worth it. The views are absolutely incredible, the Mediterranean sparkles below the huge rock face and the yachts bobbing about look tiny. A week or two in either one of these resorts will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
On the East coast of Ibiza is the resort of Es Cana. The beach is not huge but it is set in a pretty bay. This is most definitely a family resort away from the hustle and bustle of the 18 to 30ís but it still offers an enormous amount of entertainment targeted towards families rather than clubbers. Es Cana is very close to Ibizaís famous Hippy Market, which is held every Wednesday at the Punta Arabi beach. The market is an eclectic mix of traditional goods and hand- made individual items. It does get very crowded, pushing a push chair requires a lot of patience but it is a interesting break from the beach.
If you enjoy shopping and eating out on your beach holiday, then stay at Santa Eulalia. Itís a cosmopolitan area packed with restaurants and small boutiques. The beach is wide and there is a long promenade leading up to Santa Eulaliaís small marina. If you have got small children there is a play park just across the river, where you can also see the swans.
If you want tranquillity, but enjoy being near a large town then stay at Cala Llonga, itís just along the road from Santa Eulalia and about 20 minutes from Ibiza. Itís in a cove will a lovely sandy beach and shallow water. If you donít have a car, then Santa Eulalia is easily reached by bus or ferry boat. It is very family orientated with plenty of child friendly bars and restaurants.
Travelling further south are the resorts close to Ibiza town. Talamanca has a huge sandy beach and is geared towards French, German and Scandinavian tourists whilst Figuerettas has a narrow beach which isnít that good. but it is full of cheaper hotels and apartments and itís a good base if you want to stay close to Ibiza town.
Playa Den Bossa has a massive sandy beach, low flying aircraft and loads of bars and restaurants. Itís another 18 to 30ís resort, although it is popular with lively families too and of course it is here that you will find the Aquamar Water Park, which is a great day out with shallow pools for small children and deeper pools for older kids and adults, there are plenty of water slides and everybody will have a great time. However, the best thing in Playa Den Bossaí is of course the iconic club Space, which is the best club in the world.

Pine Trees San Miguel Beach View.

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Ibiza town doesnít have a beach, but if you want a city holiday there are hotels and apartments situated within the town.
Along the coastline and travelling towards the south west coast, you will find the resort of Cala Tarida. Itís a small resort but the beach is lovely, albeit a steep descent to get down to it and then of course a steep climb back up. It is a good beach for children, there are plenty of rocks to jump off and explore and the water is shallow in most places.
Further along you will reach San Antonio Bay which has its main beach at Port Des Torrent, itís not huge, but itís clean and sandy. The water isnít as shallow as in other places, but it is still a good beach for children and they will enjoy looking at the fishes in the water. There is a beach bar which serves superb sardines, perfect with a salad, bread and garlic mayonnaise (alioli) . San Antonio Bay is a busy resort for families who donít mind noise and like to have lots to do. The beach by the hotel Pinet Playa is good and so is the small beach next to the hotel Hawaii but apart from that, San Antonio Bay doesnít really offer much in the way of beaches, but there are plenty of great hotels so you can stay around the pool area, which when you have kids is sometimes less hassle.
Finely there is San Antonio town. Basically there is a strip of beach across the road near the Egg, but staying in San Antonio is best left to those who just want to chill by their hotel pool during the day and party all night. Itís packed with drunken tourists and yes it is noisy and the accommodation is basic, but if you love to party, itís the best place in the world.

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